a time of roses for those who don’t have the time

35mm slide projection | digital sound 2.0 | 2015

An exploration into the 1969 sci-fi film, A Time of Roses, by Finnish director Risto Jarva. In the film, historian Raimo Lappalainen wants to illustrate how life was 50 years prior. He becomes obsessed with the fate of a 1970s nude model and finds a perfect actress to reconstruct her life and death in front of a TV camera.

An inversion of time takes place, with the film being shot in the early 70s and set in the early 2000s, Lappalainen fixes his attention on the past from a fictional future. A sequence of still-images from the original film is juxtaposed with a sound piece in which the ideological content of the film is dissected and read aloud by a computer-generated voice. In so doing the installation establishes relations between the possible future imagined by Jarva and the present day. Meanwhile, a strike at a nuclear plant is covered up by the media.

exhibition history

(2016) Asematila - Helsinki, Finland