estábulo (second dawn)

audiovisual installation | colour | 2.0 | 2018

A site-specific video-installation commissioned by Nieuwe Vide for the 2018 Haarlemse Herfst Arts Festival. The work takes place at a crossroads between Arthur C. Clarke’s 1951 short story, Second Dawn, and the eponymous episode from the 50s TV show Four Star Playhouse. The first, a typical tale of two intergalactic races profiting from mutual interaction, and the second a melodrama about a blind man given the chance to restore his sight. The connective tissue between both narratives resides in their treatment of issues around vision and perspectivism, one from a human progressivist stance and the other an alien dystopian one. 

commissioned by

Nieuwe Vide / Haarlemse Herfst


Leandro Lefa
Camila Rosa


Lennard Dost


Nia Konstantinova

production assistance

Ana Bravo Perez
Stefano Dooijes

sound design

Sergio González Cuervo