in his bold gaze

film | DV | 20min | colour | 2.0 | 2020

A gay man, his mother, and his lover are caught in a cannibal docudrama, precarious in their relationship between what is on and off screen. In His Bold Gaze delves into the life of Armin Meiwes, a computer repair technician from Rotenburg, Germany, who in 2001 devoured Bernd Brandes, an engineer from Berlin. 

This film constitutes the second volume of 
Trilogia Canibal - a series of works that make the relation between sexuality and cannibalism their subject. 

selected festival screenings

(2020) Queer Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal 




Near/by film
Manon Bovenkerk

production support

Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

development support

Nieuwe Vide


Leandro Lefa
Dani Ploeger
Hinke-Ann Eleveld

line production

Nia Konstantinova


Sergio González Cuervo

Raydrick Feliciana
Bernardo Zanotta
Anna Moreno

production assistance
Sjors Hoogerdijk
Beatriz Carvalho

colour grading
Nico Buunik

titles design
Medeina Musteikyte