make room! make room!

solo exhibition | mixed-media | 2018

Make Room! Make Room! was an imitation forensic study that performatively mined and embellished the case of Armin Meiwes, a computer-engineer from Wüstefeld, Germany, who in 2001 searched for and found a willing partner to be devoured through the early-internet forum, ‘Cannibal Cafe’. The work was conceived of as a comprehensive installation that would offer an alternative vantage from the media spectacle surrounding the original case.

By reorienting Meiwes' narrative under the pretenses of a Hitchcockian male hero (to whom the maternal superego prevents access to a "normal" sexual relation), a series of interlinked evidence was revealed, invoking amongst others, the 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust, excerpts from Harry Harrison's novel Make Room! Make Room!, Star Trek, and the 1973 sci-fi film Soylent Green.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, the meeting between Meiwes and his lover, as well as scenes from his private life, were reenacted and filmed, on a 3x3m stage. The resulting material was projected in the gallery space in the final week of the show, and made its way directly into the Meiwes-inspired film,
In His Bold Gaze.


Lennard Dost

additional texts/ catalogue

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Nia Konstantinova

production support

Nieuwe Vide