the repossessed

theatre/performance | 70min | 2020

The Repossessed draws its narrative from Djuna Barnes' 1936 novel, Nightwood, a modernist gothic tale of love and obsession in which the boundaries of class, religion, and gender dissolve. A century since the events in the novel, we follow the spectres of Barnes’ characters through the streets of Paris. Our attention falls on what is most bodily, though still ethereal, a present gaze at a past which was Other and would soon cease to be.

The Repossessed is the first of a series developed on the closet drama genre and its authors; reconciling closet drama's double premise of queer secrecy and the impossibilities of rendering it to stage. The project is inspired by Nick Salvato’s Uncloseting Drama, wherein through an analysis of American modernist texts, Salvato complicates the reading and development of this genre from its original premise (a play to be read rather than acted) looking at the histories of modernism through the outlook of the closet, a space which is often half open, half closed, half factual, half fictionalized.

performance history

(2020) WORM - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

performed by

Sissi Betina Venturin
Mavi Veloso
Lennart Smidt
Patricia Janeiro
Leonie Kuipers

production support

Stichting VHDG
Mondriaan Fonds
Fonds Kwadraat

produced by

Nia Konstantinova

project supervisors

Charlien Adriaenssens
Lieselot van Damme

cinematography (stage projections)

Silvia Ulloa Marquez

live sound and original score

Lennart Smidt


Mint Collective